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engineers at Google
To them, it's the magic of getting everyone 
on the same page in real time.
To you, it's T (P, Q) -> P', Q' where T is 
the transformer function, and P & Q are edits.
To them, it's voice recognition that 
doesn't get lost in translation.
To you, it's extracting features from a 
quasi stationary signal and matching them 
against three different statistical models.
To them, it's making a message 
as long [or as short] as they like.
To you, it's <g_editable=
"true" role="textbox" 

"direction: ltr; min-
height: 470px;">
To them, it's fewer interruptions.
To you, it's diagnosing 
network bottlenecks.

It's really an exciting field because you can have a group of 2, 3 or 4 people produce something that is used by hundreds of millions or billions of people using your software and benefiting from the capabilities that it has. There are very few careers where small groups of people can have this kind of influence...

Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow

"foo" and "bar" are common placeholder names for variables. Playing with these nonsense variables to arrive at solutions is how we tackle problems. Take a look at some of our work to see how.